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According To UBS, A Recession Will Strike The US In 2024, So Prepare For Significant Interest Rate Reductions

Tips for Selling Your Home During a Recession (Photo: Key Point Homes)
Tips for Selling Your Home During a Recession (Photo: Key Point Homes)

According to UBS, the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates by a staggering 275 basis points in 2019.

According to a leading European bank, the US economy will enter a recession in 2019 and the Federal Reserve will respond by cutting interest rates sharply.

Forthcoming Recession

According to the CME Group’s Fedwatch tool, UBS indicated on Tuesday that it expects the Fed will cut rates by an astounding 275 basis points in response to declining inflation and a downturn in the economy. This is almost four times lower than the 75 basis points that the market is presently anticipating.

A group led by economist Arend Kapteyn and strategist Bhanu Baweja stated in a research note released on Tuesday that “one of the key features of UBS’s forecast is the very pronounced Fed easing cycle seen unfolding from March 2024 onwards,” adding that they anticipate rates to drop to just 1.25% in the first half of 2025.

According to UBS, the US recession in Q2-Q3 2024 and the continuous decline in headline and core inflation are the reasons behind the Fed’s planned rate reduction.

down an effort to rein down skyrocketing prices, the Fed has raised borrowing costs from around zero to almost five percent since March 2022. June of last year saw inflation reach a four-decade high of 9.1%, but it has since started to decline.

US Has A Fastest Growth Rate


(Photo: NSWMC)

Although the US has so far escaped a recession, it would be expected that the tightening campaign would have an impact on the economy. In the third quarter, the nation’s gross domestic product grew by 4.9%, marking the fastest growth rate in the previous two years.

In the meantime, despite the Fed’s interest rate hikes, the labor market has held up, and although the unemployment rate has increased recently, it is still below 4%.

The recession forecast provided by Kapteyn and Baweja seems to conflict with an alternative assessment made earlier this month by the head of asset allocation for the Americas at UBS.

During a presentation, Jason Draho stated that the US economy’s unexpected resiliency this year has created conditions for a “roaring ’20s” period characterized by higher GDP.

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