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Advocates Fight For Charges To Be Brought Against The lady Who Ran An Unlawful Dog-Boarding Facility In The Colony

Hawaii Man Dies After Brutal Attack by Four Large Dogs, Police Investigate Dog Owners (Photo: Kildarenow)
Hawaii Man Dies After Brutal Attack by Four Large Dogs, Police Investigate Dog Owners (Photo: Kildarenow)

Animal rights activists in The Colony are asking for charges of animal cruelty to be brought against a local lady who was running an unlawful canine boarding and training facility.

What Happened?

She is not licensed, according to Animal Services, and it seems like the animals were mistreated. Even one man claims she was to blame for the passing of his pet husky. Every day that Chris Narimani and his family spent with Tidus was a joyous occasion.

He described him as being highly talkative and outgoing. He constantly desired our company and a chance to play with my other dog. I’m not sure how to think about this. It started out with mixed feelings before suddenly becoming really sad.

Tidus was dropped off at Levia Boarding and Training last month, according to Narimani, for a two-week stint. He claims that when he got back, it was difficult to get in touch with the owner because she wasn’t returning his calls or SMS. So he sent her an email.

She replied to me, saying that my dog, Tidus, had bitten her and fled while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery.

Narimani claims that throughout the investigation, he heard that animal services was looking into other complaints since he didn’t think this to be the case.

Undernourished Dogs

The director of the department claims to have learned that the company was running out of two homes where they discovered dogs that appeared to be undernourished. Others had Parvo, worms, and parasites.

The owner was instructed to stop trading. According to Narimani, he was informed that her father confessed.


Source: cbs news

“That he had let the dog, Tidus, out overnight and that he supposedly died from heat exhaustion,” he claimed. He called Taylor after he learned that information, who instructed him to dispose of the body, and then went and dumped the man in the dumpster.

The owner is reportedly cooperating, and Animal Services has taken many dogs away. When CBS News Texas visited her place of business, they were told she wasn’t there. Narimani now wants her to be charged with a crime.

He stated, “I just want to make sure she can’t take care of any more dogs.” “They ought to be able to bring charges against them and prosecute them.” According to CBS News Texas, The Colony police are currently conducting an investigation.

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