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After A Fatal, Random Shooting In A Frisco Shopping Center, There Is Still Unease

Orlando Shooting: Suspect Killed During Gunfight At A Florida Hotel, Two Officers Now In Critical Condition Photo From: The Texas Tribune

The man who was shot and died outside of a Frisco Walmart on Wednesday night is finally identified. It took place in the crowded Frisco neighborhood along Preston Road and Hickory Street. Tara Murphy, a customer, remarked, “You would never think that it would happen in your neighborhood.”

What Happened?

In the commercial district, where Frisco police believe a random shooting left one guy dead and another injured, there is still a feeling of unease. Although the victims have not yet been identified by the police, Dung Doan, the guy who was killed, was recognized by his family on an online GoFundMe page. According to his niece, Doan arrived in the US only a year ago. He was tragically killed in the crowded shopping center while working at a bakery to help pay for his son’s college fees.

Shoppers there claim to be on edge due to the shooting. Extremely afraid. Really, without a real carrier, I don’t think I’m safe going anywhere. Murphy expressed her opinion that she shouldn’t have to go shopping and constantly check her shoulder every two seconds.

“Day-to-day life shouldn’t be like this it shouldn’t be like worrying about can I go to my local Walmart, can I go to school, can I go to work, will there be some sort of danger if I even think about even stepping outside,” Cristi Trujano, a college student, said.

Few People Suffered Injuries

Despite being shot, another person suffered injuries, but they are expected to recover. No arrests have been made, despite the police saying that the victims were shot at random. Murphy claims that because the gunman is still at large, she feels uneasy.

Frisco Shopping Center

Photo From: Dallas Morning News

“I just feel like us as citizens we kind of want that kind of closure and more security during the holidays people are desperate we don’t know what they’re out for,” Murphy stated.

In addition to urging the public to exercise additional caution, Frisco Police say they are actively searching for a suspect in the shooting. They also warn against going for walks by themselves, staring down at phones, or wearing headphones because these actions can make you a target for thieves.

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