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After A Man Was Shot And Murdered Outside Of An Uptown Dallas Wells Fargo Bank Branch, Police Are Looking For The Perpetrator

Brattleboro VT shooting
18-year-old Elias Lopez from Connecticut has been arrested in connection with the Brattleboro VT shooting case. (PHOTO: iSTOCK)

Dallas police are still actively looking for a suspect in connection with a shooting that happened at a well-known Uptown mall. Around five o’clock in the evening, Roderick Butler, 46, was shot and killed on the sidewalk. In the wake of the tragedy, the victim’s family is currently looking for answers.

What Happened?

Despite obvious cameras in the area aimed directly at the sidewalk where the event occurred, Dallas police have not yet released anything on a motive or the potential perpetrator. Indeed, they said, the guy ran away from the scene and headed toward Maple Avenue through parking lots.

Workers in the vicinity knew Butler as a well-known figure who was frequently spotted strolling or lounging on a bench with luggage close by.

Investigation Still Ongoing

Uptown Dallas

(Photo: hindustantimes)

Family members revealed that although Butler, who was well-known for his generosity, had battled mental health concerns, he was never violent against anyone. Tonie Butler, the mother of the victim, talked about how hard it was to lose her son and how she wanted to know why he was the target.

“I’d be curious to know the response. And I had lost my spouse not too long ago. Thus, it’s quite challenging,” Tonie Butler remarked. In response to the question of what the public should know about her kid, Tonie highlighted his love of walking, his amiability, and his lack of threat. It was also made clear by the victim’s mother that her son did not bank there.

The family is asking anyone with pertinent information to come forward and is hopeful that investigators will have more information soon.

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