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After Maria Muñoz’s wife was found dead, prosecutors promised her justice.

Lawyers for Maria Muñoz promise to seek justice for her after her Texas wife's strange death. (PHOTO: CBS News)

Joel Pellot is being charged with murdering his wife Maria Muñoz in Laredo, Texas. The chief assistant district attorney is in charge of the case.

Lawyers for Maria Muñoz promise to seek justice for her after her Texas wife’s strange death. (PHOTO: CBS News)

According to CBS News crime report, Marisela Jacaman is the top assistant district attorney for Webb County. She is in charge of a team of all female prosecutors who are charging Joel Pellot with killing his wife, Maria Muñoz. Ana Karen Garza Gutierrez, Karina Rios, and Cristal Calderon are some of the people on this team. The strange proof in this case comes from Muñoz’s daily notebooks, which give us important information about her life before she died. While Officer Gregorio De La Cruz was reacting to a 911 call from Pellot, he saw some strange things at the scene. After looking into it more, police found a pinprick mark on Muñoz’s elbow crease. Pellot, who is a nurse anesthetist, did not give out the important information. The autopsy revealed that the person had used a combination of drugs to impair them, which raised questions. When worries about Pellot’s affair and Muñoz’s desire for a divorce started to grow, a toxicological test was done, and seven drugs were found. The prosecution speculates that Pellot may have drugged and shot Muoz before she passed away. The prosecuting team, who know Muñoz from her work, puts a lot of weight on the mental abuse she has been through as they try to get her justice.

The case shows how mental abuse can hurt people, showing Muñoz’s problems and the need for justice. In the end, it stresses how important it is to work together to get justice for victims and stop more harm from happening.

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