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After Shawna Rothlis’ Death Was Discovered In A Fort Worth Field, Her Family And The Police Sought An Explanation

On Tuesday, the suspect of the TWU apartment shooting voluntarily surrendered himself to the Dallas Police Department. (Photo: MG Co)
On Tuesday, the suspect of the TWU apartment shooting voluntarily surrendered himself to the Dallas Police Department. (Photo: MG Co)

The death of a mother and wife whose body was discovered in a field one month ago today is the subject of an investigation by a North Texas family and Fort Worth Police.

What Happened?

The woman’s relatives told CBS News Texas about her terrible secret in the hopes that it would shed light on what actually happened to her. With three children and a spouse of more than 30 years, Shawna Rothlis was an involved member of her Haslet church.

Shawna Rothlis’ husband Robert Rothlis described her as “the most loving person there is.” She has an exquisitely lovely soul. Just what happened to her when she was a child won in the end.

When talking about his 48-year-old wife, whose body was discovered in a field in North Fort Worth, Robert Rothlis fights back tears.

Although the cause of her death has not been established, Robert Rothlis and his adult children are conducting their own investigations alongside Fort Worth police by visiting the area again, gathering information, and seeking clarification.

Robert Rothlis remarked, “Very eerie, I mean, there’s so many homeless.” “You can tell that there are bad people down there.”

Shawna Rothlis checked into a hotel room in “down there”—a neighborhood off Meacham Boulevard—in the early days of August after relapsing from an addiction her husband claims she battled for decades.

Robert Rothlis stated that the woman “struggled with alcoholism.” She experienced abuse as a child. It took a long time till she was 12 years old.

Her Death Was Discovered In Hazardous Location

Shawna Rothlis

Source: CNBC’s

According to Robert Rothlis, the majority of individuals they knew were unaware when Shawna would go on a bender for little longer than a few days and wind up in hazardous locations like the one where her death was discovered on August 11.

Robert Rothlis expressed his horror at what she had to go through in her final hours. Shawna might have passed away naturally because of her health concerns.

Although the police have not specified whether foul play was involved, her family believes it was because she spent her final days with strangers and other addicts who they feel were abusing her.

Robert Rothlis said, “I understand what transpired inside the hotel. “I am aware of my wife’s lack of marital faithfulness. I am aware that she was drinking, but no matter what else was going on, she didn’t deserve to pass away.

Shawna Rothlis was last seen on surveillance footage entering the field where she died with a new man.

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