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After The Second Year Of The Dallas Police Department’s Violent Crime Reduction Plan, Violent Crime Continues To Decline

Tesla hit and run
After a two-year pursuit, Oklahoma City Police apprehend suspect in 'Tesla hit and run' incident that left two Lime scooter riders injured in Bricktown. (PHOTO: iSTOCK)

According to recent data from the Dallas Police Department, during the second year of its violent crime reduction plan, violent crime decreased in hotspots that were specifically targeted.

During an exclusive joint interview with CBS News Texas, Police Chief Eddie Garcia and Mayor Eric Johnson discussed the strategy. Some locals claimed that their family’s life had changed as a result of the city’s program.

Gunfire Can Be Heard From The Apartment

Even something as routine as cooking in their kitchen used to arouse panic, according to Danuel and Jasmine Rodgers. “When they’re out here fighting, like right out here in front, you never know when a bullet will come through the glass.

The parents claimed that up to this point last year, gunfire and fighting could be heard throughout their apartment building, upsetting their sense of security as well as their sons’, ages 10 and 12, and their sense of safety.

“Mom, why are they shooting?” their kids would question, according to Jasmine Rodgers.Her spouse revealed that he would advise his sons to lie down because you never know where a bullet would land. There is no name for a bullet.

Their apartment building, the Volara Apartments on East Overton Road in east Oak Cliff, used to be a hotbed of violent crime. According to Chief Garcia, “out of 101,000 grids we have in the City of Dallas, this was the top crime grid we had.”

Violent Street Crimes


Source: CNN

The city started carrying out its plan two years ago. It is currently in its third year. In collaboration with criminologist Michael Smith and the University of Texas at San Antonio, DPD has divided the city into more than 101,000 grids, each measuring 330 feet by 330 feet.

For around 60 days, the department concentrates on the 50 to 65 most violent grids at a time, and the grids are changed based on the most recent statistics. With the exception of the Volara Apartments, the city keeps its grids and targeted areas a secret from the general public. To improve neighborhoods like the Volara Apartments, it employs a hot spot policing model that emphasizes police visibility and intelligence.

According to Chief Garcia, “It’s a testament to the neighborhood, to the city, and to the men and women who have worked here.” The DPD has focused on aggravated assaults (non-family violence), robberies, and homicides as examples of violent street crime.

Violent crime in the city’s selected hot area grids decreased by 11% in the first year of the program compared to the months prior.

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