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Alabama’s Safest Cities 2023: Mountains to Rivers

Embark on a quest for your dream home in Alabama, where affordability meets pleasant weather. Amidst 5 million residents, from serene Appalachian trails to bustling urban hubs, discover the state’s diverse cities. Safety is key, but our analysis of nine factors reveals Alabama’s 15 safest havens. Dive in to find your perfect abode.

A Safe and Charming Town. (PHOTO: NewHomeSource)

Alabama’s Safety Spotlight

According to Southwest Journal, In southeast Alabama, Headland is the safest city. With about 5,500 people, it has a low crime rate of 73 per 100,000. This cozy town in Henry County has a country feel and is known for farming innovation at Auburn University. Living costs are below average, making Headland a great place for safety, community warmth, and a simple life.

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Peaceful Living by the River

Pell City, in St. Clair County, is a calm town by the Coosa River. Around 14,000 people live here, and the violent crime rate is only 14 per 100,000. Families enjoy Lakeside Park, and the city is close enough to Birmingham for city perks. With nature and accessibility, Pell City offers a nice mix for those wanting a quiet life with some city convenience.

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River Charms for Everyone

Rainbow City, with 10,000 people and a crime rate of 30 per 100,000, gives a range of experiences by the Coosa River. Southside, with around 9,500 people and a crime rate of 31 per 100,000, offers a simple life overlooking the Coosa River. Muscle Shoals, a city of 17,000 with a crime rate of 35 per 100,000, is known for its music history and peaceful riverside living. These cities along the Coosa River each have their own unique charm, providing safe and enriching living for everyone.

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