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Alaska Food Stamps Up to $3,487 for February Arrives in Two Days—Are You Qualified?

SNAP: Alaska Food Stamps are given to Alaskan families in February.

Alaska Food Stamps are given to Alaskan families in February. (PHOTO: Colorado Springs Gazette)

According to Washington Examiner, families in Alaska who get SNAP payments will get cash next month. No matter their last name or case number, everyone gets paid on the first of the month in three states. SNAP helps 92,100 people in Alaska, which is a little more than 12% of the state’s people. The family gets about $271 a month for each person.

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Are you qualified?

Based on how many people live in it each Alaskan family is put into one of three groups. City II, Country II, and Country I are all there. Every month a different amount of money goes to each place. A family of eight gets $2,246 in towns and each extra person gets $281. The amount each family gets is based on the number of people living in their home. Because of these changes, everyone will get the right amount of money in 2024.

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With the Alaska Quest Card, you can get important things.

SNAP cash is stored on AAK Quest Cards. People of all ages can use this card to buy food and seeds. You can’t use it to buy alcohol, smokes, drugs, medicines, live animals, cooked meals, or anything else that isn’t food. Giving in this way helps Alaskan families buy fresh food for everyone as they wait for their paychecks in February.

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