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Alex Murdaugh Enters A Guilty Plea To 22 Federal Charges Of Money Laundering And Financial Fraud

Child Abuse Arrests Rock YouTube's '8 Passengers' Community. (Photo: Google)

In federal court on Thursday, convicted killer Alex Murdaugh guilty to 22 counts of financial fraud and money laundering. Since his arrest over two years ago, Murdaugh, a now-disbarred South Carolina lawyer, has never entered a guilty plea.

Charged With Murder

Because he shot his son and wife, Murdaugh, 55, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of release. Since their deaths in June 2021, he has denied any involvement in the murders and maintained his innocence throughout the two days of testimony he gave earlier this year, which led to his conviction on two counts of murder.

Although Murdaugh acknowledged in his testimony that he had lied to investigators and that the evidence presented by the prosecution placed him at the scene of the murders on the night his family members were killed, he frequently sobbed on the witness stand throughout the trial as he denied the killings.

Even if his murder conviction and sentence in state court are reversed on appeal, the discredited lawyer’s most recent federal guilty plea undoubtedly locks him in for years, if not decades, behind bars. This month, Murdaugh’s legal team submitted a motion asking for a new trial on the grounds that the jury selection process was tainted and that “newly discovered evidence” had been found.

Accused Of Bank Fraud

Alex Murdaugh

Source: CNN

As he entered into a plea agreement on Monday, Murdaugh was prepared to enter a guilty plea to the 22 federal counts of financial fraud and money laundering. He is accused of stealing millions of dollars from his clients, which is the basis for the charges. Murdaugh told the judge on Thursday that he wants to make amends for stealing from clients and be held accountable.

Murdaugh entered a plea of guilty to 14 charges of money laundering, five charges of wire fraud, one charge of bank fraud, one charge of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, and one charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The courtroom’s silence was broken by the sound of his pen clicking as he signed the papers.

The maximum sentence for each offence is at least 20 years in jail. For some, the maximum sentence is 30 years. The plea agreement also calls for Murdaugh to repay the $9 million he is alleged to have stolen and submit to a lie detector test upon request.

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