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American Cities And Merchants Increase Security As Prospective Customers’ Concerns About Crime Increase

Tesla hit and run
After a two-year pursuit, Oklahoma City Police apprehend suspect in 'Tesla hit and run' incident that left two Lime scooter riders injured in Bricktown. (PHOTO: iSTOCK)

This holiday season, towns around the nation are attempting to crack down on the very kind of crime that a flash mob of at least 17 masked thieves forced past holiday customers to commit: robbery of a Nike store near Los Angeles on Sunday night.

What Happened?

San Francisco introduced the Safe Shopper Initiative, which entails stepping up police patrols to allay shoppers’ fears, in response to a string of robberies that scared off customers and forced retailers to close.

The same is true of Dolphin Mall, a Miami suburb in Sweetwater, Florida, where K-9s and additional police will be more noticeable.

This coincides with a recent yearly Gallup survey on personal safety, which reveals that an increasing percentage of Americans worry about being victims of crime. The survey found that 40% of participants said they would be terrified to walk alone at night within a mile of their home, which is a record high since 1993. Half of those surveyed indicated they were afraid their car would be taken, and 17 percent said they avoided coming to the mall.

Robbing Drug Stores

CBS News was there as law enforcement conducted a raid in Los Angeles on Monday, during which they arrested individuals who were suspected of robbing drug stores across California, including CVS and Walgreens.


Source: ABC News

According to officials, their goal is to ensure the safety of consumers even in affluent Beverly Hills. Following a blatant daylight attack on a jewelry store in March 2022, during which suspects brandished axes and crowbars, police drones are currently in the air for 14 hours every day. The 2,500 surveillance cameras in the city are also under the observation of Beverly Hills police officers.

Beverly Hills Mayor Dr. Julian Gold told CBS News, “We’ve created this real-time watch center where all of the city cameras can be watched in a single place.” He also said he thought the security cameras and drones have reduced crime while making shoppers and locals feel safer.

Some merchants are experimenting with innovative store design in addition to increased security to help minimize blind spots and discourage shoplifters. An estimate from the National Retail Federation states that in 2022, U.S. businesses lost a record $112 billion in items that was stolen.

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