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Amish Buggy Crash: Second Twin Accused of Identity Swap

Complicating Amish Buggy Crash Investigation

Amish Buggy Crash Tragedy. (PHOTO: Star Tribune)

According to Kare 11 crime news, amish buggy crash in Fillmore County, Minnesota. Sarah Beth Petersen, the alleged driver’s twin sister is suddenly in court. The investigation is hampered by Petersen’s 16 criminal counts including attempting to assume responsibility and assisting an offender. The terrible crash rocked the town and Petersen’s alleged responsibility has complicated the case. In search of justice officials are investigating what transpired before the catastrophe.

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Legal Counsel Points to Samantha Jo Petersen’s Alleged Drug Use in Amish Buggy Crash Tragedy

Attorneys suspect Sarah’s twin, Samantha Jo Petersen was high when her SUV hit the horse-drawn cart on September 25, killing Wilma and Irma Miller and injuring two others Samantha was implicated by mobile phone data, text messages, and surveillance footage notwithstanding early claims against her twin sister Sarah.

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Amish Buggy Crash Unravels Web of Deception and Misdirection

Detectives investigating the deadly collision are uncovering a labyrinth of lies and evasion. Samantha’s confession to making her identical sister take the blame and the crash scene’s altered clothes suggest dishonesty. Samantha’s blood results suggest she used drugs and drove this horrible accident. As the Amish buggy crash case grows, Sarah Petersen will appear in court on April 1.

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