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An Annual Nonprofit Conference Provides Assistance To Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones To Gun Violence

Newark Shooting Leaves 16-Year-Old Boy in Critical Condition and 2 Injured, Suspect at Large (Photo: Pix11)
Newark Shooting Leaves 16-Year-Old Boy in Critical Condition and 2 Injured, Suspect at Large (Photo: Pix11)

This weekend, a local group is organizing a convention that brings the families of victims together as we continue to report on gun violence occurrences around North Texas.

They claim that there is a rising demand for their services and that they are in need of assistance from the general population. Sharon Jefferson is aware of how a family may be affected by gun violence.

It still affects me every day, she admitted. “My daughter’s death deeply affected me.” She claims that in 2018, while she was eight months pregnant, her boyfriend shot her daughter, Delashon. Although doctors were able to preserve her infant, Delashon passed away.

What Happened?

I don’t understand why he did that to my child, but I have to go on and live my life, she added. “She wanted me to do that,” I said. Jefferson claims that “No More Violence” was a huge assistance to her. The charity provides assistance and resources to those whose loved ones died as a result of violence. She has gone to their yearly conference, which unites the community, for the previous three years.

She stated, “We travel to a hotel, meet new families, and they tell me their experiences while I tell them my story about my child. “They give me comfort as I need it.” According to Patricia Allen, the creator of No More Violence, “there’s nothing like a family meeting another family that understands how they feel.”

Lost Their Infant

Gun violence

Source: ABC news

According to her, “families losing their babies to gun violence seems to have even unfortunately increased.” The nonprofit has been providing a variety of workshops for ten years that deal with grieving, mental health, public safety, and violence prevention; however, they are currently having financial difficulties.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that our families are not concerned about this expense, Allen added. “I’m not sure where the funding is coming from, but I do know that it will come from someone who has a heart to support the work we’re doing. We, the community, need your assistance. Without you, we cannot accomplish this. There are still a few activities scheduled for the conference beyond this weekend.

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