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Analysts Advise Purchasing These 2 Beaten-Down Stocks Before They Recover, Down More Than 40%

Federal Reserve rate inflation
Economists expect the Fed's preferred inflation gauge, set to be released on Friday, to decline from 3.8% in May to 3% in June, bringing it close to the central bank's 2% target rate. (PHOTO: ETF Database)

In the stock market, reverse psychology could be regarded as a desirable trait. It is only natural to gravitate toward industry leaders, thus it makes sense that an investor would want to jump on the newest soaring stock in quest of those delicious rewards. Anyone who is knowledgeable about investing, however, will frequently repeat the overused maxim, “Buy low, sell high.”

Investors are able to get assistance from Wall Street experts in identifying that cheap price. Recently, the analysts have been quite active, selecting companies that are undervalued and poised for significant gains.

Cause Of Sickness

In light of this, we searched the TipRanks database for two stocks that have declined by over 40% in recent months but that some Wall Street experts believe are ready to stage a return and recover. Both are really considered to have the potential for significant gains and are rated as Strong Buys by the expert community.

UniQure, a pioneering firm focused on the development and marketing of gene treatments, is the first undervalued stock we’ll examine. In order to accurately transport corrected genes to patients’ cells, the business employs adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) as vectors. By focusing on the underlying causes of illnesses rather than only treating the symptoms, this strategy targets the root causes of sickness.

The business received widespread acclaim for its ground-breaking gene therapy product Glybera, the first gene therapy to receive approval in Europe in 2012 (since withdrawn). Since then, it has kept growing, concentrating on hereditary diseases including hemophilia, Huntington’s disease, and metabolic disorders.

Financial Release


Source: ABC news

For the business, it’s been a bit of a mixed year. On the one hand, Hemgenix, a gene therapy indicated to treat hemophilia B that uniQure licensed to Australian pharma CSL, saw the commercial debut in Q1. Following the first sale of the medication, uniQure received a $100 million milestone payment in June.

The company’s most recent financial release for 1Q23 included a mixed assessment. The top line of $223.9 million, which included a respectable increase of 9.3% in sales of plant-based goods, fell short of projections by over $8.2 million. The company’s results, which were reported as an EPS of 5 cents per share using non-GAAP metrics, outperformed the dismal projection by a remarkable 7 cents per share.

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