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Arrest Made In The 15-Year-Old’s Fatal Gunshot Winn, Lamarcus Dewayne

William Josiah Scrivner Indicted on Serious Drug and Firearm Charges by Federal Grand Jury
Federal Grand Jury Indicts William Josiah Scrivner on Grave Drug and Firearm Charges (PHOTO: New Jersey Gun Lawyers)

An underage shooter who allegedly killed a 15-year-old earlier this week is in custody, according to authorities.

What Happened?

Lemarcus Dewayne Winn was shot in the chest on Thursday, according to Lewisville Police. With a reported gunshot wound to the hand, another victim was rushed to the hospital.

Jesstun Markee Conner, 19, was detained by police early on Saturday and accused with manslaughter. He is being held in the Denton County Jail under a $150,000 bail at this time. According to LPD, Conner was the victim who was shot in the hand and sent to the hospital.

Conner and Winn reportedly drove a black Porsche Macan SUV to a parking lot in the 200 block of East Round Grove Road on Thursday afternoon to acquire marijuana from a different person, according to the complaint.

According to LPD, a group of men arrived in a Chrysler-branded car at 2 p.m. The report claims that shortly after the gang arrived, gunfire was exchanged between occupants of both vehicles.

According to investigators, many people stepped out of their cars and started shooting at each other. Conner reportedly got out of the Porsche and was shot in the hand at some time.

Who Shoot The Gun?

Lamarcus Dewayne

Source: Mirror

LPD claims that after being shot, Conner attempted to re-enter the Porsche when he came across Winn, who had hidden behind a backseat door. The investigation claims that when Conner and Winn collided, Conner fired one round from his revolver, striking Winn in the chest.

According to LPD, Conner put Winn in the Porsche and left the area. When Conner called 911 to say Winn, a gunshot victim, was in the backseat, the SUV was discovered at a neighbouring apartment building.

Conner is accused of manslaughter, according to the Lewisville Police Department, because Winn’s shooting death appeared to be an accident.

While LPD continues to look for the Chrysler that sped away from the parking lot scene, the investigation into this shooting is still open.

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