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Artificial Intelligence Chips Restrictions To China, All Part Of Biden Administration’s Plan

US Restrictions on exports of AI chips to China ( Photo:

The new rules unveiled this October about the restrictions on artificial intelligence chips exports to China are part of the Biden Administration’s plan to block more artificial intelligence chips exports, as said by one US official.

(Photo: asiafinancial)

Restrictions On Exports Of Artificial Intelligence Chips To China Unveiled This October

The United States announced new rules governing the export of artificial intelligence chips to China in October. Shipments of advanced artificial intelligence chips as well as chipmaking equipment will be restricted.

According to the South China Morning Post, artificial intelligence chips meant for consumer products like laptops are not included in the new restriction rules set up by the US.

The US still declines to name the artificial intelligence chips that will effectively be banned.

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Restrictions Of Artificial Intelligence Chips Exports To China, All Part Of The Biden Administration’s Plan, Says A US Official

The new rules regarding the restrictions on artificial intelligence chips exports to China were said to further tighten the set of export controls that were introduced in October 2022.

According to CNN, the Biden Administration is reducing the types of semiconductors that American companies will be able to export to China.

The China Foreign Ministry already criticized the new US artificial intelligence chips restriction rules before they even came out in October. The ministry stated that the US should stop politicizing and weaponizing trade and technology issues.

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