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At The Opening Ceremony For Wrongful Conviction Day, A Dallas Resident Discusses His Exoneration

On Tuesday, the suspect of the TWU apartment shooting voluntarily surrendered himself to the Dallas Police Department. (Photo: MG Co)
On Tuesday, the suspect of the TWU apartment shooting voluntarily surrendered himself to the Dallas Police Department. (Photo: MG Co)

UNT Dallas held its first ceremony in observance of Wrongful Conviction Day to recognize those who had been freed from prison while also raising awareness of the need to improve the justice system.

What Happened?

Men who had been unfairly convicted gathered on Monday at the Dallas campus and shared their hurt and their inspiration. They are collaborating with the university’s law school to identify people who are still engaged in battle.

Richard Miles, one of the exonerated men present, stated, “So, now I’m standing in front of the camera in the same space but in a different phase of life.”

While telling his tale and hoping to help others, Miles was overcome with emotion. For a 1995 murder that he did not commit, he was sent to prison at the age of 19. Although it was not a guarantee, Miles remarked, “you can maintain the one thing that makes you whole, innocence.”

He claimed he couldn’t do anything after his release in 2009 until 2012, when stating the truth contributed to his being found innocent.

After being freed, Miles said, “I’ve enjoyed both releases, and I think society should just understand what we go through.”

People listened as staff members working on several of these cases and Miles and seven other men who had been cleared of all charges discussed their experiences. These initiatives are part of the Joyce Ann Brown Innocence Program, where the university looks into Texas inmates’ complaints of being wrongfully convicted.

Being Found Innocent


Source: cbs news

“We want to draw attention to the fact that we must do it correctly. According to professor and director of the Joyce Ann Brown Innocence Clinic Cheryl Wattley, lawyers—particularly prosecutors and defense attorneys—were the gatekeepers.

After first meeting Miles in 2007, Wattley assisted Miles when she was contacted to assist with his case. They were later able to request his release on the grounds of his true innocence. Wattley stated, “We need to raise them up and hoist them up and understand that we’ve hurt them.

They also took time after the performance to hold a candlelight vigil in memory of those who are still trying to establish their innocence.

With his own organization, Miles of Freedom, which aids individuals who have been acquitted in making the transition to life outside of prison, Miles has been working for the past 14 years since his release. “I entered at 19 and left at 34; my life had altered. Additionally, if I go through this in the rear.

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