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Austin Police Department Asks For Public’s Help With Melissa Davis Murder, The Texan Woman Burned Alive in Austin

Melissa Davis, The Texan Woman Burned Alive In Austin (Photo: dailymail)

Melissa Davis, The Texan Woman Burned Alive In Austin (Photo: dailymail)

The burned body of a Texan woman, Melissa Davis, was found by the Austin Fire Department in a ritzy neighborhood. Now, the Austin Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect in the said murder.

Austin Police Department (Photo:

A Burning Body Of A Woman Was Found In A Patch Of Grass By Fire Fighters, Says The Austin Police Department

The Austin Police Department said in one of their statements that the firefighters of the Austin Fire Department discovered the body of a woman in a patch of grass that is still burning, near a road.

The Austin Police Department found a knife and a lighter on the ground where the burning body of the woman was located. According to the report on Fox News, the investigators with the Austin Police Department believe that the suspect was attempting to destroy the evidence with fire.

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The Austin Police Department Identified The Burned Woman As Melissa Davis

After some time investigating, the Austin Police Department identified the burned body found as Melissa Davis, a 33-year-old Texan woman.

Blaze Media – The Austin Police Department announced that Melissa’s body is now being investigated as a homicide since the autopsy found no signs of trauma from knife wounds. It was determined by the medical examiners that Melissa Davis was burned alive.

Now, the Austin Police Department is asking for the help of the public in determining the suspect in Melissa’s murder. For any information regarding Melissa’s death, contact 512-974-TIPS.

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