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Austin’s Toughest Hoods Revealed 2023

Austin’s Least Desirable Neighborhoods Face Economic and Safety Challenges

10 Worst Neighborhoods In Austin 2023. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)

According to Southwest Journal, Austin, the lively heart of Texas, has lots of different neighborhoods, each with its own style. Some are super cool, others not so much. We wanted to find out which ones could use a bit more love. We checked out 60 neighborhoods and found some struggling ones. Crestview is doing great, but Montopolis, according to the latest info, seems to be facing more challenges. So, let’s take a tour of Austin’s neighborhoods together. I’m just here to share the story, not picking sides.

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Saint Edwards

In the middle of Austin, Saint Edwards faces problems, even though it’s in a good location. It’s the 10th least liked area because of lower incomes and a high crime rate. Despite having parks and food places, the neighborhood’s reputation is not great due to these issues.


Highland, once busy, is now the 9th least appealing in Austin. The mall closing hurt the economy, and even though jobs are there, it’s tough with a high cost of living. Crime rates being much higher than normal also make it less desirable.

Georgian Acres

Georgian Acres, in the north, is the 8th least desirable place. It has a decent job situation, but the money people make is not much. The neighborhood has some crime concerns, making it less popular despite its accessibility.

Johnston Terrace

Johnston Terrace, in the east, is the 7th least liked area. It’s affordable with good job opportunities, but it lacks amenities and has higher crime rates, affecting its overall appeal.

Parker Lane

Parker Lane, in the southeast, is the 6th least attractive place. Jobs are not abundant, and living costs are high. Crime rates are much higher than usual, making it less appealing for potential residents.

North Burnet

North Burnet, near highways, has a good economy, but it’s the 5th least liked neighborhood. Traffic and limited public transport make it less desirable, and the crime rates are very high, impacting daily life for residents.


MLK, around Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, is the 4th least desirable area. It has good jobs, but living costs are high, and crime rates are much higher than normal, making it less attractive.


In the south, East Congress is the 3rd least appealing neighborhood. It has a decent economy but lacks amenities, and crime rates are higher than average, impacting its overall appeal.

Martin Luther King-Hwy 183

Martin Luther King-Hwy 183, in the east, is the 2nd least liked place. It struggles with jobs and high living costs, and crime rates are much higher than average, making it less desirable.


Topping the list is Montopolis, the least desirable neighborhood. Despite being affordable, there are not many jobs, and crime rates are higher than average, making it less appealing for people in Austin.

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Safety tips in traveling Austin

When you’re in Austin, keep safe by paying attention to what’s around you, using trustworthy transportation, and making sure your stuff is secure. Stay in well-lit areas, especially at night, and know the local safety rules. Drink enough water, plan your routes before going out, and be ready for emergencies with important contacts and basic first aid. Follow the COVID-19 rules, trust your feelings, and ask for help if you need it. These simple steps will help you stay safe and enjoy your time in Austin.

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