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Bank Money Laundering Expert Raised Concerns About Hunter Biden Receiving China Cash Without ‘Any Services Rendered’ In 2018

Hunter Biden (Photo: sott)

An internal alarm is being raised by a bank money laundering expert against first son Hunter Biden over receiving millions of dollars from a Chinese government-linked business. According to the bank money laundering expert, Hunter Biden received the cash from China without any services rendered.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (Photo: wonap)

Bank Money Laundering Expert Raised Concerns About Hunter Biden’s ‘Erratic And Unusual’ Payments From China In 2018

SOURCE– A bank money laundering expert warned in 2018 about an unusual and erratic activity linked to more than a dozen wire transfers of large amounts of money to accounts belonging to first son Hunter Biden.

The House Oversight Committee released an email on Wednesday containing the internal concerns of a bank money laundering expert against Hunter Biden. The bank money laundering expert raised concerns that the payments didn’t appear to match to “any services rendered.”

The bank money laundering expert suggests that the bank re-evaluate its relationship with the client.

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Oversight Committee Chairman Comer Said The Message From The Bank Money Laundering Expert Underscores The Importance Of The Ongoing Impeachment Inquiry Of President Biden

Chairman of the Oversight Committee, James Comer, gave his comment regarding the email sent by a bank money laundering expert, saying that the message underscores the importance of an ongoing impeachment inquiry into the President’s links to his family’s ventures in Ukraine, China, and other countries during his term.

According to NY Post, Chairman Comer said that the bank money laundering expert is only doing his job. The bank money laundering expert must have been so concerned about Hunter Biden’s financial transactions with a Chinese company that the bank expert wanted to re-evaluate the bank’s relationship with the customer.

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