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 Bankruptcy Of Denton County Boutique, Hundreds Of Consumers Have Requested Refunds

Dow Drops continuously this year (Photo:illuminate.nucleusfinancial)

Hundreds of shocked consumers have asked for refunds after learning of the closure of a Denton County boutique. The Sapphire Sky Boutique, owned by James and Elizabeth Allen, brought in roughly $1.5 million in sales the previous year.

What Happened?

Elizabeth Allen would regularly conduct Facebook live events to showcase and market products manufactured under the Loungefly brand. Collectors like the Disney and Harry Potter-themed backpacks, which retail for about $85.


Source: CNN

While a large number of the products could be shipped quickly, Sapphire Sky also offered special products for pre-order, which required buyers to pay in full and wait for delivery. A bag from Hogwarts Express was ordered by Carla Collier.

However, the bag never showed up. “They just kept saying, ‘there’s a delay, we’re sorry, there’s a delay,'” Collier recalled. “They wouldn’t give any reason.”

“They said March, then June, and finally July,” Cassie Rost remarked. “And then the last one I think they said was October.”

“At the end of July, I started emailing them, ultimately letting them know that I thought I would no longer be waiting for my baggage. “I’m ready for a refund right now,” Jennifer Vislisel exclaimed.

Honea feels that’s not enough. “I hope their family, their friends, heck, all the way to the PTA members of their kids’ schools look at them and go, ‘what kind of people would do this to hardworking families?'”

When asked about how it found out about Sapphire Sky’s problems, how it selects distributors, or what it told consumers who owed money, Loungefly would not respond. Many of the consumers we spoke with said they would never have purchased from Sapphire Sky if it weren’t for Loungefly, and they held the company at least somewhat accountable.

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