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Baton Rouge Police Department Faces Torture Allegations Over “Brave Cave” Incident

(Photo: Wikipedia)

In Response to the Abuse Allegations faced by the Baton Rouge Police Department in the “Brave Cave” Incident, the FBI filed a second Federal Lawsuit against the Department.

The unmarked warehouse known as “Brave Cave” (Photo: Espotting)

The FBI is Investigating the Alleged Abuse of the Baton Rouge Police Department Towards Multiple Civilians in a Warehouse Known as “Brave Cave”

In the reports of The New York Times, a woman named Ternell L. Brown was kept in an unmarked warehouse known as the “Brave Cave” for two hours by the Baton Rouge Police Department officers for interrogation, for mixing two different pills in one container.

Ms. Brown stated that the Police Officers of the Baton Rouge Police Department strip-searched her, humiliated her in the process, and released without charges after confirming that the prescription pills she owns in the container were legal.

The “Brave Cave” warehouse operated by the Baton Rouge Police Department was closed due to multiple abuse allegations resurging after Ms. Brown’s case came to light.


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A Second Federal Lawsuit was Filed Against the Baton Rouge Police Department After Recent Abuse Allegations

According to Scripps News , another lawsuit was filed against the Baton Rouge Police Department after Ms. Brown’s case. The First lawsuit was filed against the Baton Rouge Police Department last month after physically abusing Mr. Jeremy Lee, who was also not charged with any criminal activity.

Mr. Lee was beaten by Baton Rouge Police Department officers in the same warehouse where Ms. Brown was detained. He obtained and suffered from some injuries under the said officers.

The FBI officials have now confirmed that they are conducting an investigation regarding the multiple claims of alleged abuse by the Baton Rouge police Department to civilians.


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