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Biden And Xi Meeting Finally Happened In Filoli Estate, San Francisco

President Biden and President Xi Jinping (Photo: President Biden X Account)

The anticipated Biden and Xi meeting finally happened on November 15, local time, in Filoli Estate, San Francisco. The two world leaders had an in-depth discussion on critical issues in US-China relations.

President Biden and President Xi Jinping walking together after a meeting during the APEC summit (Photo: oann)

The Biden And Xi Meeting Finally Happened

SOURCE– On November 15, the most-awaited Biden and Xi meeting finally happened. The venue of the Biden and Xi meeting was Filoli Estate in San Francisco.

President Xi Jinping originally arrived in San Francisco to attend the APEC summit, but both world leaders agreed to meet face-to-face to finally hold the anticipated Biden and XI meeting.

During the Biden and Xi meeting, both world leaders addressed critical issues regarding US-China relations as well as major issues that affect world peace and its development.

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The Biden And Xi Meeting Discussed Solidarity And Cooperation

Topics regarding global challenges and transformations were tackled during the Biden and Xi meeting in San Francisco. According to CGTN, President Xi Jinping noted during the Biden and Xi meeting that the US and China have two options in the era of global transformations: one is to strengthen solidarity and cooperation and to join hands to meet any global challenges and promote global prosperity and security. The second option is to cling to the zero-sum mentality. Provoke rivalry and drive the world into chaos and division.

The two world leaders also underscored the importance of cooperation and made an effort to tackle the climate crisis we are facing right now. Both Biden and Xi welcome positive topics and discussions between their respective special envoys for climate.

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