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Biden will meet with the families of Americans being held hostage by Hamas

Relatives of US Hamas Hostages, Biden to Meet Wednesday. (PHOTO: Bloomberg)

After the terrorist attack in Israel in October, the president will deal with the hostage crisis.

Relatives of US Hamas Hostages, Biden to Meet Wednesday. (PHOTO: Bloomberg)

Families of Americans who are in jail abroad held a touching service outside the White House on Wednesday. It showed how hard it is for them to get attention. As part of the “Bring Our Families Home Campaign,” families asked President Biden to meet with them and talk about what was happening with their loved ones. He met with the families of the Americans taken hostage by Hamas on October 7 in Israel. While this meeting brought relief to those who were directly affected, families whose loved ones are abroad feel like their repeated wishes have been ignored. Harrison Li praised the president for meeting the families of Gaza prisoners and expressed concern about their well-being. The White House says that less than 10 Americans have not been found, even though safety operations are ongoing. Aida Dagher, Zack Shahin’s sister-in-law, was angry that the president hadn’t talked about the families’ problems, which made them feel like they were forgotten. Families set out picnic blankets with food and pictures of their loved ones outside the White House walls. This showed anger and helplessness. A famous person told CBS News that a much-anticipated first-class meeting will happen tomorrow in an exclusive interview. The families want to be heard and bring attention to the plight of American prisoners of war in other countries. This news story takes place in a country that is still getting back on its feet after the attacks on October 7th and is trying to free all of its American prisoners.

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