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Body Camera Video Captures A Guy Firing At Dallas Police Officers In A Hotel Room

Muncie shooting

Clifford Osmer, 41, allegedly fired shots at two police officers on Wednesday in a Pleasant Grove hotel room, according to Dallas police. The cops returned fire, seriously wounding Clifford, who is currently in stable condition, according to authorities.

Discharged A Pistol

According to body camera footage provided by the department on Friday, a man who was shot by Dallas police officers discharged a pistol at them in close proximity inside a crowded Pleasant Grove hotel room on Wednesday.

According to police chief Eddie Garca, 41-year-old Clifford Osmer was shot at least once. Osmer, who is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a public official, is in stable condition. According to Garca, further charges are pending.If Osmer has a lawyer, that was not immediately apparent.

The incident, which involved a Dallas police officer for the sixth time this year, took place roughly a week after an officer shot a man who was allegedly responsible for striking 13 vehicles with a stolen U-Haul following a high-speed chase.

Garca stated during a press conference on Friday that “of the six, one had threatened officers with a firearm and five had attempted to kill my officers.”

Around 1:20 a.m. on Wednesday, a box truck was reported stolen from the 7600 block of Ferguson Road, close to Interstate 30. The truck’s equipment was traced to a hotel room on South St. Augustine Drive in the 9600 block of the C.F. Hawn Freeway.

What Happened?

Dallas Police

Source: CNBC’s

Around 10 a.m., two policemen were sent to the hotel. Officers arrived and knocked on the door but received no response, according to Garca. A guy subsequently identified as Osmer was observed by officer David Cortinas, who joined the force in August 2022, attempting to jump out of a window in a ground-floor room.

Senior Cpl. Rene Dominguez, a department veteran since 1989, knocked on the door as Cortinas approached the corner of the hotel and saw Osmer halfway out of a window. As Cortinas instructed him to “Open the door,” Osmer returned inside and shut the drapes and windows.

Dominguez’s body camera captured footage of a lady opening the door and exiting the room with two dogs. “He’s inside,” she announced.

A man was sitting in a chair in a room filled with various goods when Dominguez entered there, and Osmer was standing behind him. According to the footage, it took Osmer around three seconds to lift his rifle and shoot toward Dominguez.

Osmer, according to Garca, has a history of criminal conduct that includes aggravated assault, burglary, illegal gun possession, involvement in organized crime, eluding arrest, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The investigation into the theft is ongoing, therefore further charges may be issued against other people, according to authorities.

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