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Broken, But Nothing Seized, Repeatedly Vandalised Keller Pho Restaurant

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A Keller restaurant’s windows and doors have been broken out three times since May by an unknown assailant.

Recurring Incidents

On Keller Parkway, security camera footage from outside Pho in the Box on Wednesday night shows a person wildly swinging a hammer to break the glass. However, the person never entered the restaurant and fled as soon as the harm had been done.

When it happened for the first time, the owner, Alvin Inthasone, believed it was a burglary, but nothing was taken, leaving him perplexed as to what was causing the recurring incidents.

He said, “Every day I go home, I wonder myself, did I do something wrong? Despite the fact that nothing was taken, Inthasone claimed the first two incidences forced him to close down for up to ten days, which impacted his finances.

Beyond repairing the damage, the vandalism led to issues with his refrigeration, which resulted in him running out of food. It took place at a time when, in his opinion, business was already struggling as a result of the summer’s harsh heat and the impact of inflation on consumer outing frequency.

Clients Adore Me

Keller restaurant

Source: CNN

Following the first occurrence, Keller Police reported having little evidence to work with and some photographs following the second event in July.

After the most recent incident, they are investigating a potential suspect who they claim was acquainted with Inthasone.They added that no other such events at other establishments in the city have been reported.

Inthasone claimed he had no reason to think that any previous workers or clients would be responsible for the murders and that he loved the city and location where he has run the business for the past 2.5 years. “My clients adore me,” he declared. “I adore them as a family, as if they were my own. Additionally, I intend to be in Keller.

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