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California CARE Court Prioritizes Mental Health Care As It Brings Mental Health Issues To Court

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California CARE court enables Judges to Order and Mandate Treatment for People with Mental Health Issues.

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Judges Can Mandate Treatment For People Struggling With Mental Health Issues Through The California CARE Court

According to CBS NEWS, one out of four Californian suffers from mental health related issues.  Because of the lack of affordable housing and the neglect in providing mental health care to its citizens, California became the largest homelessness population in the United States.

Due to the increasing number of mental health related problems, Governor Gavin Newsom stated that California CARE court, could help a lot of citizens whose suffering from mental health issues overcome their struggles.

The California CARE Court brings mental health issues to court, where judges can order a person to undergo treatment if they are suffering from any mental health-related issues.


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Mental Health Issues to Court, As California CARE Court Helps People Suffering From Mental Health Illness Get Treatment

NPR – The California CARE Court permits family members to ask county judges to mandate treatment for someone suffering from any mental health-related issues.

Through the California CARE Court, the judges will decide whether the person meets the criteria for the program. The judge will then oversee a care agreement or order a treatment plan. If a person refuses to undergo treatment, they will have access to a public defender. The California CARE Court does not restrict people from refusing the treatment.

Under California CARE Court legislation, public health agencies will be fined $1,000 a day if there is no patient enrolled in treatment by the given deadlines.

With California CARE Court, the problem regarding the neglected health care of the people in the city can be prioritized in courtrooms, helping them overcome their problems and providing support and solutions.


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