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California Tax Refund Update: Check Where You Can Receive your Stimulus Payment

California tax refund (Photo: tododisca)

More than 32 million taxpayers will benefit from the California tax refund. Taxpayers may receive their payments by debit card, or it can also be by direct deposit into their bank account.

tax refund (Photo: marca)

California Tax Refund Updates!

SOURCE– The California tax refund is issued by the US Treasury when you pay tax that is more than necessary on your state or federal return. The California tax refund is also available for those who file estimated returns quarterly as self-employed individuals.

32 million taxpayers have benefited from the California tax refund. Virtually, other states have offered some other financial assistance since the government stopped giving out the actual stimulus checks.  Each state has its own program, but the IRS continues to help Americans who are in need.

Other taxpayers will receive their California tax refund payments by debit card and, in other cases, by direct deposit into their bank account. These are eligible for taxpayers who e-filed their tax returns.

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Can I Deposit My California Tax Refund Into My Bank Account?

Debit card payments for California tax refund are mailed to the remaining eligible taxpayers under the following guidelines:

  • The taxpayer had filed a paper return
  • The taxpayer had a balance due
  • The taxpayer received their Golden State Stimulus payment by check
  • The taxpayer had received their California ta refund by check, regardless of method or filing
  • The taxpayer received an advance payment from their tax service provider or paid tax preparer fees using their California tax refund.

The guidelines above are according to the California Board of Taxation.

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