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California Universal Healthcare: The End of Private Care and the Rise of Increased Spending?

California universal healthcare concerns about sustainability

California universal healthcare concerns about sustainability. (PHOTO: Brookings Institution)

California’s Single-Payer Plan Has Financial and Practical Issues

California lawmakers have proposed a contentious single-payer plan to eliminate private healthcare according to San Francisco Examiner. San Jose Assembly member Ash Kalra  is reintroducing AB 1400, his 2023 healthcare reform bill. The plan’s $391 billion yearly cost 100 billion higher than the 2024-2025 state budget is a serious impediment. Health professionals leaving for higher-paying employment may increase doctor shortages and wait times, experts say. Medicare and Medicaid help Kalra financially. How to address California’s $300-500 billion finance need is uncertain given its estimated $68 billion deficit this year. Critics believe the idea fails to address practical implementation issues and may diminish Californians’ healthcare quality and availability reflecting worries highlighted in Canada where private coverage limits have generated long wait times and doctor shortages.

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The California Single-Payer Proposal is having trouble with lawmakers.

State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco has enacted legislation to expedite Medicare and Medicaid budget conversations with the federal government but Kalra thinks it might postpone policy implementation. The governor needs Assembly and Senate support before approving the proposal. This contentious initiative will revolutionize California Universal healthcare future raising questions about its practicality cost and demographic impact.

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