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Case Of Sex Trafficking In North Texas Resolved Without An Arrest

FBI's Operation Cross Country XIII Rescues 200 Child Victims of Sex Trafficking (Photo: News4Jax)
FBI's Operation Cross Country XIII Rescues 200 Child Victims of Sex Trafficking (Photo: News4Jax)

A girl from North Texas vanished during a Mavericks game over 20 months ago, only to be discovered a few days later with sex traffickers.

What Happened?

In a phone call yesterday, the girl’s parents said they found out the case is closed in Texas and there have been no arrests made. Additionally, they claim that the most recent news misleads victims of sex trafficking.

“What has happened with this case falls in the direct narrative of the Me Too (campaign,) ‘Am I believed,’ all the things that victims feel,” Brooke Morris stated.

After learning of the most recent development, she and her spouse, Kyle Morris, are speaking up for their daughter as well as all victims of human trafficking.

After discovering in late October that a man accused of sexually assaulting their daughter had received a no bill from the Dallas County Grand Jury, the Morris family hoped Dallas County would reopen the case.

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

(Photo: KIRO TV)

At a Dallas Mavericks home game on April 8, 2022, the parents claim to have seen him and another man walking and conversing with the teenager on surveillance footage. The 15-year-old was allegedly led out of the building that evening, subjected to sexual abuse, and discovered two weeks later in the arms of Oklahoman sex traffickers.

Oklahoma has seen a number of arrests and convictions for those engaged over the past year. But Dallas County will no longer experience it.

Kyle Morris expressed how much his daughter wanted to be heard, saying, “She was never even afforded the opportunity to tell her story to the people who could pursue it on the law enforcement side.” “She wanted to, and she was told she would be given that opportunity to speak with the prosecutor.”

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot visited with the parents recently, and they told him that their daughter’s medical records were never “reviewed,” that their daughter was never “substantially interviewed,” and that their office was never “presented with an option to indict for human trafficking” to the grand jury. Furthermore, they allege that the county did not go through the “thousands of pages of therapy notes” in which their daughter talked about the “sexual abuse and trafficking that occurred in Dallas, Texas.”

Zeke Fortenberry, the family lawyer, stated, “They decided not to present those to the grand jury.” There are no justifications from the county, he claims. “Not one. They are in charge of discretion. They are Dallas County’s final decision-makers.”

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