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Catastrophic Floods In Kaufman County Last Week, Recovery Activities Are Still In Progress

flood prevention texas
Texas plans to allocate a substantial $38 billion budget for crucial flood prevention projects, including the visionary "Ike Dike" coastal barrier proposed to protect Galveston Bay. (PHOTO: Texas Flood)

In Kaufman County, attempts to recover from the flash floods that occurred over the weekend are still ongoing.

What Happened?

Dozens had to flee their houses, and two people died as a result. George Hinkle’s family depends on the community to survive, and at least one other family is still without a place to live. “We don’t know how long emotionally we can wait for this water to go down,” Hinkle stated.

Even though he is insured, Hinkle claims there is an issue. “The insurance can’t come out here [and] adjust until the waters are down,” he stated. The house, or “barndominium,” as Hinkle called it, backs up to the King’s Creek reservoir.

Preserving Water And Soil

Kaufman County

Source: CNN

“The relief that I’m looking for, I don’t understand why I can’t get it,” stated the man. The only pump on the opposite side of the reservoir is a diesel-powered pump. After speaking with the reservoir’s managers, I learned that nothing can be done because everything is operating as it should and that I should never have been able to buy this land.”

The house was constructed without their knowledge in a flood easement, according to Steve Howie, Kaufman County emergency management coordinator.

He stated that although the county is making every effort to assist, the Texas Soil and Water Conservation District is ultimately in charge of this matter. He made the point that installing a pump would not only be exceedingly costly, but the setup process alone might require two to three days.

“Every day that I march out there is harder and harder on me,” Hinkle stated. He’s still holding out hope that something can be accomplished.

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