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Check If A Veteran Can Receive Both VA Disability Benefits And SSDI Benefits

Source: CNN

Serving in the armed forces for the country can be expensive. Injuries that are mental or physical can be incapacitating, and government help isn’t always sufficient; a veteran may need to look for additional benefits. Consequently, you will find a brief guide to help you choose the right one here.

VA Disability Benefits And SSDI Benefits

VA Disability Benefits And SSDI Benefits; Source- NPR

Pros And Cons Of VA Disability Benefits And SSDI Benefits

Despite being government programs, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and VA Disability payments are not the same; each has standards, pros and cons, and depends on a distinct organization. In the first case, because VA Disability is expressly intended for veterans, it might be simpler for them to get approved. Retired soldiers are included in the larger demographic that SSDI covers, though. A veteran may occasionally be eligible for both benefits, but doing so will need patience and a commitment to lengthy and specialized procedures.

All About VA Disability Benefits

VA Disability specifies, in theory, that the applicant must have a condition that resulted from their military service. Furthermore, it does not need the applicant to be incapable of working as a result of their ailment and instead distributes partial compensation based on the severity of the disability. Furthermore, it is not necessary for the ailment to cause the affected person’s death or to last for longer than 12 months. An applicant’s eligibility is unaffected by age, educational attainment, or employment history.

All About SSDI Benefits

In contrast, the SSDI benefit is meant for everyone and doesn’t need the applicant’s condition to be related to their time in the military. It does not, however, provide prorated benefits based on the severity of impairment. The condition must prohibit the candidate from engaging in a significantly gainful occupation for them to be eligible for SSDI. The affected person’s condition must either worsen over more than a year or result in death. It also has very precise qualifications in terms of job history, grade level, and age. Both benefits are available to veterans. It can be more challenging for veterans to receive the SSDI benefit, but there is no reason why you can’t get both.

Veterans or active-duty military personnel who meet all conditions can expedite the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) approval process for their applications. The applicant may be eligible for the accelerated process and be accepted immediately if they currently hold a VA Disability rating of 100% eternal and total. On rare occasions, the SSA requests that candidates for military service provide their identity employing a notification from Veterans Affairs (VA). A veteran can receive both benefits and live a more fulfilled life even in the face of hardship if they are organized and have a little patience.

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