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Chicago Man Under Electronic Home Monitoring was Arrested for Alarming Stash”

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A Chicago man, Bertell Johnson previously on electronic home monitoring while awaiting trial for murder and attempted murder charges finds himself back behind bars after law enforcement uncovered a concerning arsenal within his residence. Johnson, a convicted felon released on bond since May 2021, now faces additional charges following the startling discovery made by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office during a recent search of his Chicago home.

Man on Electronic Monitoring Arrested(Photo from Fox 32 Chicago)

Man on Electronic Monitoring Arrested (Photo from Fox 32 Chicago)

Weapons Cache Unveiled During Electronic Home Monitoring

While on electronic home monitoring, Johnson’s social media activity caught the attention of investigators leading to a search of his Chicago Lawn residence. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office unearthed a cache that included an assault rifle three handguns (one with a defaced serial number and auto-switch modification), a high-capacity drum magazine and various rounds of ammunition.

The discovery extended beyond weapons, revealing nearly 150 live rounds, 16 grams of suspected cocaine approximately 300 grams of suspected cannabis, 78 oxycodone pills and roughly $4,000 in cash.

Sheriff Tom Dart emphasized the potential risk to the community asserting his long-held stance against placing individuals charged with violent crimes on electronic home monitoring.

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Legal Ramifications and Custody Order

In response to the alarming findings, Johnson, aged 30, appeared in court on January 20, where he was promptly ordered to be held in custody. The incident raises questions about the effectiveness and safety of electronic home monitoring for individuals facing severe charges sparking renewed debates on ensuring public safety amid pretrial release measures.

As the legal proceedings unfold the case of Bertell Johnson serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by electronic monitoring in the context of violent crime charges prompting a reevaluation of monitoring practices to safeguard communities.

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