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Chicago’s Riskiest Streets in 2023

According to the Southwest Journal, we’re talking about these tricky spots in Chicago. We don’t want to make things seem scary; we just want to help you know where to be a bit more careful. Our goal is to make sure you can enjoy all the cool stuff in Chicago while staying safe.

8 Most Dangerous Streets in Chicago 2023. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)

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79th Street

79th Street on the South Side is known for violence and danger, especially at night. It’s labeled a ‘no-go zone’ due to its high crime rates, including muggings and assaults.

63rd Street

63rd Street, also on the South Side, has a history of shootings and crimes. It’s dangerous, especially at night, with car accidents and reckless driving adding to the risks.

Division Street

Division Street on the West Side has a troubling history of accidents and crime, especially at night. There’s aggressive driving, and drug trade activity increases after dark.

Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive, along Lake Michigan, is scenic but considered one of the city’s most dangerous. Accidents happen due to distracted driving, especially in the winter. Drivers are advised to slow down and stay alert.

Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue, a busy street in Chicago’s heart, has common accidents and injuries due to congestion. Watch out for potholes if you’re walking or driving.

Damen Avenue

Damen Avenue on the North Side is known for crime and fatal car accidents. Sirens go off daily, and it’s risky for pedestrians and cyclists due to visibility issues.

Schiller Street

Schiller Street on the West Side has accidents and crime. Poor lighting and potholes make driving risky. There’s a high crime rate, including shootings and drug activity.

Halsted Street

Halsted Street is dangerous at night with a high crime rate, congestion, and difficulties in navigation, leading to accidents. Drug activity and assaults make it hazardous.

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Each street has its challenges, with common themes of high crime rates and accidents, especially after dark. Visitors and residents should stay informed, be cautious, and prioritize safety when navigating these areas.

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