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Chinese Hackers Stole Roughly 60,000 Emails From US State Department

Chinese Hackers Stole Tens of Thousands of Emails (Photo: thinkcivics)

Senate Staffers says that tens of thousands of emails has been stolen from 10 State Department Employees by Chinese Hackers.

Chinese Hackers Breached Microsoft (Photo:govtech)

Chinese Hackers Compromised A Microsoft Device, Stealing Tens Of Thousands OF Emails

From one of The Messenger’s Report, according to the Staffer for Senator Eric Schmitt, 60,000 emails from 10 State Department Accounts were stolen by Chinese Hackers. The Chinese Hackers used advanced technique to access the email accounts of selected Microsoft users. It is reported that the Chinese hackers were able to steal one of Microsoft’s heavily protected account signing keys. The Chinese Hackers then proceeded to use the stolen account keys to log into the victim’s accounts.

It is reported that the Chinese hackers had accessed email accounts from 25 Microsoft customer’s email systems, this includes the US Commerce and State Department.

Nine of the Ten email accounts hacked by the Chinese Hackers are employees working on East Asia and Pacific Policy, while the one remaining account is from an employee focusing on Europe Policy.


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“We Need To Harden Our Defenses” Says Schmitt After Chinese Hackers Breached Microsoft

Microsoft has said that the group behind the hacking incident, known as Storm-0558, had gained access to webmail accounts that were using the firm’s Outlook service.

According to Reuters, Due to this Microsoft breaching incident which caused ten thousand stolen emails by Chinese Hackers, Senator Eric Schmitt said in an email shared by his staffer that they will harden their defenses against these types of intrusions and cyber-attacks.

Schmitt Added that the federal government’s reliance on a single vendor needs to be closely examined as a possible weak point.


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