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Chinese International Students Studying In US Have Decreased; Here’s Why

Chinese international students in US universities (Photo; theglobepost)

The number of Chinese international students studying in US universities is the highest of any other country, but that number has slowly been decreasing. Chinese parents are more hesitant to send their children to the United States, and here is the reason behind it.

Chinese international students (Photo: People’s Daily, China)

One Major Reason For The Decline In Chinese International Students In US Is Concerns About Their Safety

SOURCE– There have been 300,000 Chinese international students studying at different universities in the United States. This number is still the highest compared to other countries, but the high number of Chinese international students in US universities has been declining for quite some time now.

According to Swallow Yan, a founder of US Education Without Borders, who helps Chinese international students apply to US universities, one of the main reasons why there is a decline in Chinese international students studying in the United States is due to concerns about their safety. The high street violence, such as robberies and gang violence, is alarming for the Chinese international students and their families in China.

Aside from concerns about their safety from street violence, one reason that keeps Chinese international students on their toes when studying in the United States is the feeling of being watched by the Chinese government. According to Professor Percy Link, Chinese international students come into class feeling like they are being watched and monitored on campus. They worry about what they say on campus. When the class is discussing sensitive topics, most of the Chinese international students tend to shut up and not give their opinions.

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Another Reason Is US Government Policies That Are Seen As Unfriendly Towards China

The United States still follows a US-Trump-era policy that prohibits Chinese international students from Chinese universities tied to the military from studying at any universities in the US. Some policies that were seen as unfriendly and blamed China for the COVID-19 pandemic were also one of the reasons for the decline in Chinese international students in the United States.

According to The Straits Times, Chinese families and Chinese students themselves were doubtful about studying in the US after numerous protests over racial issues in the United States. Xiao Yejiong, a Chinese international student studying in the United States, said that the hostile policies of some US politicians opposed to China are deterring a lot of young Chinese international students from choosing the United States.

Xiao added that the idea that studying abroad guarantees access to a better education resource is less appealing among young Chinese students and Chinese parents now that Chinese universities are improving academically.

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