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Chinese Nationals Detained Near San Diego County Town In California

Border patrol (Photo: cnsnews)

In a video taken by NewsNation, a group of Chinese nationals were allegedly detained near the border of Mexico and California.

Chinese nationals are illegally crossing the California border (Photo: en.mogaznews)

Chinese Nationals Who Illegally Crossed Into California Border, Allegedly Detained

SOURCE– A group of Chinese nationals, ranging from men to women, were allegedly detained near the border of Mexico and California, as seen in video footage taken by Jorge Ventura of NewsNation. The video footage of the group of Chinese nationals on the California border was uploaded on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter), which gained a lot of attention from X users.

The video footage shows the group of Chinese nationals lined up near the San Diego County town of Jacumba Hot Springs in California. The group of Chinese nationals appeared to be well dressed, and some even carried new or smart luggage.

Jorge Ventura, the one who uploaded the video footage on X platform, said that these Chinese nationals illegally crossed through open gaps on the border wall in Jacumba Hot Springs.

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Regime Of President Xi: The Reason Why Chinese Nationals Crosses The US Border, Says Experts

In an article written by The New York Times, Chinese immigrants have been increasingly spotted at the US border. More than 24,000 Chinese nationals have been apprehended at the southern border. The increase in Chinese immigrants in the US is greater than the preceding 10 years combined.

Some experts link the surge of Chinese nationals running away from the regime of President Xi Jinping. While most people often associate migrants at the border with Central and South American people, thousands are actually from China.

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