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Chinese President Xi Is “Strong” And “Smart,” Says Former President Trump During Iowa Rally

President Xi Jinping and Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Daily Express)

Former US President Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping during his Iowa rally on Saturday, calling China’s leader “smart,” “strong,” and “fierce.”

Former US President Trump’s opinion on President Xi during his Iowa rally (Photo:wtop)

Donald Trump’s Opinion On Chinese President Xi Jinping During His Iowa Rally

SOURCE– During Trump’s Iowa rally on Saturday, he praised Chinese President Xi Jinping as “smart,” “strong,” and “fierce.” The former US President made these comments while comparing Chinese President Xi to President Biden.

Firmer US President Trump said that President Joe Biden walked up with a man who is like a piece of granite (pertaining to Chinese President Xi). Chinese President Xi is just like granite—he is strong, said Trump. Chinese President Xi Jinping is also fierce, Trump added.

The former US President also said that Chinese President Xi is a very smart person who runs 1.4 billion people with an iron hand.

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Donald Trump Praised Chinese President Xi Jinping Multiple Times Before

According to News Week, it is not the first time that the former president has praised Chinese President Xi Jinping. When Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi met in 2017, Tremenduous is how the former US President described their meeting. He also described his feelings toward Chinese President Xi Jinping as “incredibly warm.”

In August of 2019, Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi again, calling him a “brilliant leader” and a “great man.”

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