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Citibank Employee Szabolcs Fekete Fired After Lying About Misclaimed Food Expense

Citibank (Photo: Wikipedia)

Citibank employee Szabolcs Fekete, a financial analyst, was fired for claiming expenses for sandwiches for him and his partner during a business trip and then lying about it.

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A Citibank employee Was Fired For Dishonest Food Expenses During A Business Trip

Szabolcs Fekete, a Citibank employee analyst, was fired from his job for lying about dining expenses on his work trip.

During his business trip in Amsterdam, the Citibank employee ordered two sandwiches as well as two coffees. The food expenses of the Citibank employee are covered by the company. He told the bank that the two servings of each order were for him. The Citibank employee even added that he shouldn’t even have to justify his eating habits to the company.

According to Entrepreneur, the Citibank employee Fekete later admitted to the bank that he in fact shared the orders with his partner. Since the company does not allow their employees to expense meals for their employees’ partners, the bank fired Fekete.

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Citibank Wins The Case After Citibank Employee Szabolcs Fekete Sued Them For Unfair Dismissal

NDTV – After the Citibank employee was fired by the bank, Fekete sued Citibank for unfair dismissal. Unfortunately for him, the Employment Judge Illing concluded that there was no unfair dismissal since Fekete lied about the misclaimed expense in the first place.

A Citibank spokesperson said that they were pleased with the outcome of the case.

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