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Cities In Alabama 2023: Exploring The Crime Hotspots of Yellowhammer State

Alabama, USA (Photo: ivctechnologies)

Are you wondering whether your city is one of the most unsafe cities in Alabama this year? Check out this list of the unsafe cities in the “Yellowhammer State” based on their crime rates!

Birmingham, Alabama (Photo: altoday)

Unsafe Cities In Alabama 2023

SOURCE– Anniston is first on the list of unsafe cities in Alabama. Anniston, located in the northeast region of Alabama, has a population of roughly 22,400. With its population, it is no surprise that the crime rate in Anniston is higher than in other cities in Alabama. The recorded violent crime rate of this city is a whopping 2,992 per 100k residents, this is 68% higher than the US average. Its property crime rate is also alarmingly high, at 6,250 incidents per 100k residents. There is a 1 in 10 chance of you becoming a victim of a crime in this city.

Fairfield is second on the list of unsafe cities in Alabama. With a population of 11,000, the violent crime rate in this city is alarmingly high, reaching 1,500 incidents per 100k residents and a 5,000 property crime rate per 100k residents. According to Travel Safe, the crime rate in Fairfield is 219% higher than Alabama’s average and 308% higher than the US average.

Bessemer is third on the list of unsafe cities in Alabama. With its whopping population of 26,000, crimes reported in this city are about 4,500 incidents per 100k residents, 721 of which are violent crimes and 3,371 are property crimes. However, even with its high crime rate, it has decreased by 25% in recent years.

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Unsafe Cities In Alabama 2023

Birmingham is fourth on the list of unsafe cities in Alabama. With a large population of 212,000, its crime rate being one of the highest is not that surprising at all. The violent crime rate in Birmingham is 1,483 per 100k residents, while its property crime rate is 6,132. Suburbs are generally safer in this city, while areas like downtown, Norwood, and Ensley should be avoided because they are known for gang violence.

Prichard is the fifth and last addition to this list of unsafe cities in Alabama. The total rate of violent crime in this city is 1,193 per 100k residents, while its property crime rate is higher, reporting 5,650 incidents per 100k residents. Nighttime activities, especially for female visitors or travelers, should be avoided in Prichard.

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