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Cities In New jersey 2023: The Garden State’s Perilous Cities

New Jersey (Photo: ThriftyFun)

Before the year ends, we’re going to expose the perilous cities in New Jersey based on their crime rates!

New Jersey welcome sign (Photo: ultimatecapper)

Unsafe Cities In New Jersey 2023

SOURCECamden is first on the list of unsafe cities in New Jersey. With its whopping population of 74,000, it is no surprise that it is one of the most unsafe cities in New Jersey. Currently, 1,603 violent crimes per 100k residents have been reported in Camden. Homicides and assaults also remain high in the city.

Trenton is second on the list of unsafe cities in New Jersey. Located in Mercer County, Trenton suffers from 1,169 violent crimes per 100k residents, this is almost three times higher than the national average. Aside from the high crime rate, residents of Trenton also struggle with extremely high poverty.

Paterson is third on the list of unsafe cities in New Jersey. Last year, the total number of crimes in Paterson was 3,137, of which 1,168 were violent crimes and 1,969 were property crimes. Although Paterson is quite improving, gang activities and heroin-related addictions still spark much of the crime in this city.

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Unsafe Cities In New Jersey 2023

Atlantic City is fourth on the list of unsafe cities in New Jersey. The most common crime activities in this city are money gambling and gang activities. The total violent crime rate in Atlantic City is around 900 incidents per 100k residents. According to Travel Safe, 23% of the population in Atlantic City lives below the poverty line.

Irvington is the last addition to the list of unsafe cities in New Jersey. The residents of Irvington have been dealing with high gang activity and drug addiction rates. The rate of violent crime in this city is around 500 incidents per 100k residents. The most common crimes committed in Irvington are car thefts and robberies.

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