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Clorox Bacteria Settlement: Last Chance for Compensation in $5.65M Payout

Photo from The U.S. Sun

In the final days to claim, Clorox faces the aftermath of a bacteria-contaminated Pine-Sol scandal. Customers affected by the tainted surface cleaners, linked to P. Aeruginosa, have until February 7 to apply for a one-time payment from the $5.65 million settlement. The settlement arises from a class action lawsuit, as Clorox voluntarily recalled products in 2022 after lab tests revealed bacterial contamination, posing potential health risks.

Photo from The U.S. Sun

Payout Details and Eligibility Criteria

The settlement, stemming from lawsuits filed in New York and California, offers payouts totaling up to $5.56 million. Customers who bought scented Pine-Sol products between Nov. 1, 2018, and Nov. 15, 2023, can file for refunds. Payouts vary based on criteria, with a potential maximum of $7.14 for those without proof of purchase and full refunds for those with proof.

Qualifying products include various Pine-Sol scents like Lavender Clean and Lemon Fresh, while the original pine-scented cleaner is excluded. Customers must act by the February 7 deadline to either claim their refund or make a decision on their involvement in the class action.

The bacterium P. Aeruginosa, found in the contaminated products, can cause serious infections, though no direct link to illnesses has been established. The settlement offers affected customers choices, including claiming a payout, opting out, or doing nothing, with implications for their rights in the ongoing lawsuit.

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Other Recent Settlements Making Waves

In the realm of settlements, Equifax compensates thousands after a major data breach, with potential payouts reaching $20,000. Meanwhile, Walgreens issues refunds in Massachusetts due to a taxing mistake, emphasizing the growing trend of companies addressing errors and compensating affected customers.

A credit reporting agency rectifies a peculiar error, paying out money for mistakenly classifying living people as deceased. As tax rebate season approaches, individuals are poised to benefit from ongoing efforts to address financial discrepancies and provide due compensation.

Customers affected by these settlements have options — file for compensation, opt out, or take no action. The evolving landscape of settlements reflects a commitment to accountability and customer restitution in the face of various issues affecting consumers.

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