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Closing Price For Gold, Crude Oil, And Other Commodities

oil and gold closing prices (Photo: investera)

Here is the list of the closing prices of gold, crude oil, and other commodities that you should know!

crude oil (Photo: stocksprediction)

Closing Price For US Crude Oil

According to reports from ABC News, the US crude oil for January delivery rose to 86 cents, which brings the closing price to $69.47 per barrel Wednesday. In January, Brent crude delivery rose to $1.02, which brings the closing price to $74.26 per barrel.

For the January delivery, wholesale gasoline rose to 4 cents, which brings the closing price to $2.02 a gallon. Heating oil also rose for January delivery by 4 cents, bringing its closing price to $2.55 a gallon.

As for the natural gas, it rose for the January delivery by 3 cents, making its closing price $2.34 per 1,000 cubic feet.

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Closing Price For Gold, Silver, Copper

As for the closing price of gold, according to ABC News, the February delivery for gold rose up to $4.10, bringing its closing price to $1,99730 per ounce. For silver, its March delivery fell 10 cents, making its closing price $22.92 per ounce. March delivery for copper, on the other hand, stayed unchanged at a closing price of $3.79 per ounce.

According to AP News, the dollar fell from 145.60 Japanese yen to 14318 yen, while the euro rose from 1.0791 to $1.886.

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