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Colleague Arrested in Cold Case Murder of Albuquerque Homeless Advocate

Photo from: Adobe Stock
Photo from: Adobe Stock

Nearly a decade after the brutal murder of homeless advocate Danette Webb in Albuquerque, a former co-worker, Lance Beaton, has been arrested in connection with the cold case. Webb, 53, was tragically found naked and bound with duct tape at her home in 2014. The arrest comes after DNA evidence linked Beaton, who previously worked with Webb at Noonday Ministries, to the crime scene.

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Unveiling Stalking Patterns and Disturbing Trophies: The Disturbing Details of Lance Beaton’s Crimes

The victim’s former partner, Suzan Hagler, expressed mixed emotions, stating, ‘He deserves to suffer every single day of his remaining life.’ While relieved about a suspect emerging, the pain of the past resurfaces. Beaton, believed to have been stalking Webb, allegedly made a copy of her house key. Similar incidents with an ex-girlfriend involved stolen intimate items.

Beaton’s stalking tendencies emerged, as he was suspected of unlawfully entering Webb’s home, thinking she was away. A search following his arrest uncovered sex toys and duct tape, possibly considered ‘trophies.’ Investigators revealed that Webb had feared someone breaking into her home and tampering with her belongings.

The tragic turn of events unfolded on June 27, 2014, when Noonday Ministries co-workers, alarmed by Webb’s absence, discovered her lifeless body. Though the exact cause of death remained undetermined initially, broken ribs and signs of foul play raised suspicions.

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2023 Breakthrough: The Pursuit of Justice Unravels the Painful Past for Danette Webb’s Loved Ones

Detectives faced limited leads over the years, but a breakthrough occurred in 2023, leading to Beaton, who had a history of working with Webb. Beaton’s arrest followed an FBI interview where he claimed minimal closeness to Webb but surprisingly detailed aspects of her life. Despite initial reluctance, a DNA warrant was granted, and a sample matched evidence from the crime scene.

Describing Webb as a compassionate soul, Hagler reflected on the enduring pain caused by her murder. ‘She had a huge heart for everybody. I was in a horrible place when she was murdered for a very long time. Now it’s just bringing up fresh feelings of hurt and anger and sadness and grief.’

In essence, the arrest brings a mix of closure and renewed sorrow for those affected by Webb’s untimely death. The complex emotions tied to justice being served emphasize the lasting impact of such a tragedy on the lives of those who loved and admired Danette Webb.

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