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Comparison of China’s J-20 Fighter and America’s F-22 Raptor

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Chinese fifth-generation fighter Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon will exceed the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in inventory by the end of the year. Despite the F-22’s reputation as a top air superiority fighter, the J-20’s rising production has given China a numerical advantage, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Photo from Google

China’s Military Modernization Sparks Concerns as J-20 Fighter Numbers Surpass F-22

China has made significant military modernization efforts in the last five years, according to IISS director-general and CEO John Chipman. China’s 2022 defense spending rose 7.0% from 2021. The government has upgraded its naval vessels, air force, and combat aircraft.

According to the IISS report, Washington is concerned about China’s military development, which has prompted other Asian and European nations to follow suit.

The PLA has 150 J-20A aircraft, and if supplies continue at the current rate, the J-20A stockpile will surpass the F-22 by 2023. Due to its enormous cost, only 195 F-22 Raptors were constructed, far fewer than the anticipated 750.

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US F-22 Raptors Extend Service, China’s J-20 Numerical Edge, and the Race to Sixth-Generation Aircraft

The U.S. switched to the more adaptable and cost-effective Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, however, some F-22 Raptors are likely to operate into the 2030s. China’s defense industry output is rising, which might shrink the gap, the research cautions.

The US, China, and Russia are the only nations with fifth-generation warplanes like the F-22, F-35, J-20, and Su-57. Notably, the U.S. and China are developing sixth-generation aircraft.

Despite its numerical advantage, several military aviation specialists doubt the J-20 is a fifth-generation fighter like the F-22 and F-35. The U.S. and China are developing sixth-generation aircraft, demonstrating military aviation technology’s progression.

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