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COVID-19 Stress: Biden Administration Funds Study to Aid Transgender Community Coping with Pandemic Strains

(Photo from: The Keyword)

The Biden administration has funded a landmark study to help transgender people cope with the financial and psychological strains of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Stress: Biden Administration Funds Study to Aid Transgender Community Coping with Pandemic Strains (Photo from: The Keyword)

Addressing Transgender Vulnerability

In recognition of the unique vulnerabilities faced by transgender people, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has approved over $1.4 million in funding to Duke University and other organizations. This initiative aims to develop interventions that aid transgender individuals in coping with COVID-19 Stress, encompassing financial hardships and mental health strains exacerbated by the pandemic’s prolonged impact.

The study, scheduled to continue until 2027, emphasizes the heightened susceptibility of transgender individuals to the financial and mental health burdens imposed by COVID-19 Stress. Through the provision of monthly microgrants and financial literacy education, participants will receive essential support while contributing to the advancement of understanding minority stress and mental health inequities.

The inclusion of peer mentoring within the study underscores the multifaceted approach adopted to address the diverse needs of the transgender community amidst the lingering effects of the pandemic. Additionally, the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition‘s involvement reflects a concerted effort to address systemic inequities and uplift marginalized voices within the broader healthcare discourse.

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Biden Administration’s Commitment to Transgender Health

President Joe Biden‘s administration has consistently prioritized initiatives aimed at advancing transgender health and well-being. HHS’ sustained investment in programs targeting transgender populations underscores a commitment to fostering inclusivity and addressing systemic disparities exacerbated by COVID-19 Stress.

In accordance with this commitment, recent investments to national pregnancy prevention programs and LGBT youth acceptance awards demonstrate a holistic approach to transgender community issues. These programs help stakeholders build resilience and promote equitable health outcomes for everybody, regardless of gender identity, as the epidemic evolves.

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