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Dallas Police Have Made A Video Of An Officers’ Fatal Shootout

Ballistics Experts to Reenact Parkland School Massacre with Live Gunfire in Lawsuit Against Sheriff's Deputy (Photo: Syracuse)

Police in Dallas are still looking into a weekend shooting involving policemen that claimed one life.

What Happened?

Police observed a silver Cadillac SUV with a false paper tag on Friday, September 22. The SUV’s driver fled after they attempted to stop it, so there was no chase.

On Garland Road near Peavy Road about 2:30 a.m. on September 24, undercover police officers spotted the identical SUV with a different false tag. After that, they pursued the SUV to the 1800 block of Barnes Bridge Road and called for a police car to be sent to the location.

After that, Shirley drew a revolver, and the responding officer shot Shirley with it, starting a shootout.

He returned to the SUV and accelerated northbound on El Capitan while Shirley continued to shoot. He then passed through an adjacent apartment building and emerged eastbound onto Barnes Bridge Road. In the 2000 block of Barnes Bridge, he struck a curb and overturned the SUV.

Officers observed the collision and moved up to the SUV on foot before Shirley opened fire on them a second time.

Shot Twice

Police returned fire while hiding behind a parked car, hitting and killing Shirley. After the gunfire, a drone was used, and it captured a picture of a woman inside the SUV.

Dallas Police

Source: cbs news

Police noted that the woman was unharmed and that she claimed she had entered the SUV voluntarily before Shirley strapped her to a seatbelt while they drove around.

Police said she was not charged and is not regarded as a suspect. No policemen were hurt or shot, but a Dallas police car and an unrelated car were each hit twice by gunfire.

Shirley is accused of having committed four charges of serious assault on a public official as well as one crime of kidnapping.

Police stated that the matter is being handled by the Dallas Police Department’s special investigations unit, and that all charges will be dismissed as a result of the extraordinary arrest.

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