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Dallas Police Provide Fresh Body Camera Footage From An Altercation With A Robbery Suspect

Angeles Crest Highway Killing: 3 Gang Members Arrested, Charged with Robbery Not Murder (Photo: Open Cash Advance)
Angeles Crest Highway Killing: 3 Gang Members Arrested, Charged with Robbery Not Murder (Photo: Open Cash Advance)

Eddie Garcia, the chief of police in Dallas, is applauding his officers for having resisted gunfire last week while pursuing a man who was allegedly carrying a weapon.

What Happened?

The first shooting involving an officer in Dallas this year was quite heated, as you can see from the body cam footage that caught it all.

On February 11 after midnight, police were dispatched to the 2900 block of West Wheatland in response to a 911 call from an unauthorized gaming room that was being robbed by two armed individuals.

Reginald Curry, a 23-year-old, was one of them. He came out of the building with a revolver, and according to the police, he fired 11 bullets before the policemen opened fire, striking him in the leg and abdomen.

Police say the other suspect, 33-year-old Horice Williams, was armed with two guns, but arrested without incident.

Who Is The Suspect?

The accused have extensive criminal histories, and one of them was only released from jail last year after serving just 16 of a 20-year term for violent robbery.


Source: CNBC’s

“You had an individual that they were not gonna let go, that they wanted to catch, that was trying to kill them,” Garcia added. “I mean, without mincing words, an individual that was trying to kill my police officers and they did everything they could to stay in the fight.”

The chief adds that this ought to act as a caution to others about the risks involved and the dangers they encounter while visiting illicit gaming establishments.

“We are trying to shut them down as we find them,” Garcia added. “They try to do their best to be clandestine and not be discovered.”

The structure on West Wheatland Road where the game room was located appears to be abandoned. According to police, a game room will probably look for another place to attempt and hide from both the law and violent offenders.

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