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 Dallas Police Share Footage Of A Gunfight With A Murder Suspect That Left An Officer Wounded

North Carolina Shooting
North Carolina Shooting PHOTO: iSTOCK

An officer was wounded in a gunfight with a murder suspect last week, and Dallas police have now released stunning video of the incident. Outrage is being caused by what Chief Eddie Garcia said about the culprit, who was ultimately apprehended.

Illegal Immigrant

The officer’s burial would probably be covered by the media this week if not for his bulletproof vest, the chief claimed at a news conference on Monday.

Garcia added that the suspect, Juan Lopez, 45, was an illegal immigrant who had been nine times removed from the country during the previous 20 years.

The moment two cops came upon Lopez firing a gun at someone inside a car near Fair Park was captured on one of the numerous body and dash cam footage that the agency has made public. He then turned the rifle on the police, who shot back.

Following the shooting, there was a frantic pursuit in which Zavala Lopez pulled a U-turn and retaliated by firing at the officers, wounding one of them in the chest.

Lopez was located in Lewsiville about seven hours later. Body cam footage of SWAT cops checking a horse stable shows them discovering Lopez there with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Several Criminal Charges

Dallas Police

Source: cbs news

Lopez is currently facing numerous charges, and Chief Garcia cited Lopez’s situation as evidence of the problem of too many people carrying firearms without a permit.

The chief stated, “I believe it is time to hold accountable those who have no business exercising that right.” “I firmly believe that. I think that many law-abiding people have the right to the Second Amendment, but there are also many flaws in our system that allow people who shouldn’t have access to weapons, particularly criminals, to do so.

Rupert Salgado, 60, who was killed in the initial shooting, has since been named. According to sources, he and Lopez were acquainted and got into a fight over dating a woman.

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