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Danger Alert: 10 Risky Cities in Maryland 2023

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Baltimore You Should Watch Out Photo From: iStock

According to the Southwest Journal, multiple Maryland communities are seeing rising crime. Reasons include a lack of jobs, an inadequate salary, and low motivation. Prisons may also increase crime. Drugs and gangs may spread to smaller towns from the major ones. Ocean City is officially Maryland’s most hazardous. Our cities need special attention. Continue reading to find out whether your city is one of them or to assist. If your city isn’t included, check the report’s end.

Unraveling the Complexities of Crime: Maryland’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2023. (LinkedIn)


Crime is high in Aberdeen, Maryland, home of the Army facility. Property crime is prevalent, and residents have a 1 in 29 risk of becoming victims. This issue overshadows the lovely Chesapeake Bay setting.


Hagerstown has parks and art, but crime. Property crime is alarming, with 1 in 24 victims. People may seek home security systems.


Hyattsville, near Washington, D.C., is attractive but has high property crime. Victimization is 1 in 26 for residents. Safety worries persist despite a reduced violent crime rate.


Bladensburg, near Washington, D.C., is rich in history but notorious for crime. Its violent crime rate is one of the state’s highest, with a 1 in 107 victim rate. Property crime is another concern at 1 in 24.

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Despite its beauty, Salisbury has significant crime. Its violent crime rate is ninth, and 1 in 136 inhabitants are victims. Property crime is another major issue, especially for Salisbury University students.


As a bike trail terminal, Cumberland has obstacles. Property crime is common, with 1 in 22 victims. Economic reasons may increase crime.


Baltimore, or “Bodymore, Murderland,” has a high murder rate. Even safe communities record property crimes, including over ten car thefts every day in 2020.


The third-most dangerous city is Cambridge, on Chesapeake Bay. It has the highest state rape rate in 2020 and the fourth-highest property crime rate. Caution is essential despite its slow boardwalk.


Elkton, “The Elopement Capital,” has the second-highest crime rate. Safety is an issue, with 877 larceny instances in 2020 and a high violent crime rate.

Ocean City

Ocean City, a tourist hotspot, is the worst in 2023. Despite its charm, it has the state’s highest property crime rate. Residents have a 1 in 9 risk of being victimized, raising safety concerns during this summer retreat.

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Safety tips for traveling to Mary Land.

When you go to Maryland, keep safe by learning about where you’re going, staying in safe places, and using reliable transportation. Be careful in crowded areas, keep your things safe, and don’t show off expensive stuff to avoid theft. Know the local rules, have emergency numbers ready, and be aware of the weather. Think about getting travel insurance for extra security, carrying your medicines, and telling someone where you’ll be. Be careful online, don’t use public Wi-Fi for sensitive stuff, and trust your feelings. Following these tips will help you have a safe and fun time in Maryland!

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